Sunday, February 27, 2005

Oskar Schmoskar

The Oscars are on later today - well, tomorrow, if time differences are taken into account. I have an awful feeling that The Aviator will sweep everything. While this is, what the critics call, a luscious (read: well funded) production, Leonardo DiCaprio just doesn't cut the mustard. He is one of those men who is doomed to look like a boy till he hits 50. Getting him to play Howard Hughes calls for much more than willing suspension of disbelief from an audience. I would need to be on a bouquet of banned substances to be convinced. Hilary Swank's sexual ambiguity leaves me cold as well. Jamie Fox is considerably more convincing as Ray Charles. I gather that he is dead cert to win - if the fact that the bookies have stopped taking bets on him is anything to go by. It would be great if Hotel Rwanda got something. Although it is not a particularly well made film, there are important morals running through it. Any person living in a divisive society (pretty much anywhere in the world) would be well advised to see it.

And so to bed.


Blogger badbrother said...

I agree on what u say about DeCaprio, who reminds me a lot of Michael J Fox.

1:36 pm  
Blogger Uber Homme said...

Exactly. Little Boys who are lucky/doomed (depending on how you see these things!) to be Little Boys. Peace

12:48 pm  

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