Thursday, February 17, 2005

Post Valentine Redz

F called from Karachi to ask if I knew that someone had put up a huge billboard on the "do talwar" roundabout proclaiming "IFTIKHAR LOVES SAEED AND WISHES HIM A HAPPY VALENTINE" or something like that. Sounds funky. True love ? Pure love ? Who knows. I wish them well, whatever the nature of their relationship.

After my truly stinky day at work I had a run in with the delicious X. We were part of a group in a very crowded room. Me in my work clothes (black undertaker's suit!) he in his leather jacket and considerably less formal clothes. I worked my way to the back of the room where we both stood leaning against the wall smoking ourselves silly. Finally, I asked whether the people in the room had real jobs or did they normally hang out at 1 am on a weekday. He confessed he did have a job and that he had to be up really early. In the course of conversation, I discovered where he works. R works there too, and I have spent most of this morning wondering whether I should pursue this further or dismiss X as HH (hopelessly heterosexual)- hetero beyond repair (or despair!).

The androgynous but HD (hopelessly dull) Adil calls persistently. I think this is destined to end up in bed and in boredom. He is an awfully nice guy - awfully. He is also as dull as ditchwater. Once the sexual novelty has worn off (usually twenty minutes in my case) I know I will either roll over and fall asleep or else think of ways to get him out of there pronto. Sad but true!

Ah well, there are possibilities after VD (Valentines Day) one remote and the other boring. :)


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