Saturday, February 19, 2005


T called to ask for inspiration for her Herald column. I trotted some of the stuff set out in my "Dumb and Dumber" entry. This is now the basis for her column next month. Let it not be said that all I say is completely irrelevant. I have issues with Herald though ..too Karachi, too KGS, too libero-fascist and (quite honestly) too downright sopho-moronic. It needs a thorough shaking down. Ditto, its sibling, the oh-so-earnest Newsline. What is worth reading .. ? Lots of stuff on the web. The London Times. The Guardian. The New York Times. The Economist (stiff upper lip, but tolerable.) Gaydar (for comic relief). (my wish list grows); (fantasy) (more fantasy). looking strangers).


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