Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Frame 2240-2243-Rewind

Dear Abby,
I encountered the divine X again. I was charging down the steps, there being no lift or floor lights -electricity does not work in public buildings here after 5 pm. I hear footsteps coming up- or, rather, charging up. We cross by on the landing of the second or third or fifth (does it matter?) floor and look up at each other. "I'm late" he says, breathless. Me: "Oh, you must rush". Him:(looking apologetic) "So how are things ? " Me (while patting his shoulder in avuncular, irritating manner) : "You're running very late ...hurry ..we can chat later." Him: "Ok. Will do."
I blew it. Again. The man offerred to talk to me. And I got cold feet and told him he must run. Ofcourse, read in the cold gaze of hindsight, all this seems like a perfectly harmless conversation. Its just that I get the feeling that he may (just may) be interested. Ofcourse, R has told me that X is straight. And X's website seems to veer in that general direction. But then again, he's hardly going to put up pictures of Brad Pitt out there. Damn. Do I just ignore him now till the next accidental encounter comes along ? Or do I disregard R's well meaning advice, but nevertheless persuade R to "casually" drop in with X in tow so that I can "get to know him better"- knowing that only swimming into a shoal of electric eels will cause a change of sexuality ?
Irate in Islamabad.


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